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Stick to the Plan! Chiropractic Care is Worth the Investment

It doesn’t have to be a major incident to have pain bring you into the office. Pat just simply - ‘overdid’ it. A full day cleaning spree of moving all the furniture in her home to deep clean carpets led to stiffness that finally drove her to seek help and relief.

She began at twice a week visits for three months when she started her care and is now on year three of with regularly weekly visits continuing it. 

Can you believe that she yearly got used to sinus infections in spring and summer that would plague her and wreck her body and since starting her care with Accordo Chiropractic she hasn’t had one in 2.5 years! She previously had pain in her neck and back from a 40+ year old car accident that she no longer has pain due to her adjustments. 

Pat says she truly never knew she had a problem but when she got straightened out and began to feel and sleep better she knew it was well worth the commitment to invest in her chiropractic care. Her advice is to stick to and follow through with the your care plan!!!



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