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Real Patient Stories: Migraines & Back Pain

Meet Tim & Martha. This couple originally came to Accordo Chiropractic because Martha was having really bad headaches and the point she was having to call out of work! She found it so frustrating that this was affecting her daily life so much and NEEDED a solution. When someone recommend Dr. Marco she was a bit hesitant, having tried chiropractic once before and not having a good experience she wasn't so sure this time would be different but gave it a shot and was so glad she did.

Tim, after seeing the results in his wife started getting chiropractic care too. As an avid runner all his life he has constantly had back issues and knew it was something that needed to address sooner rather than later before the symptoms got even worse.

These two are proactive regular patients of Accordo Chiropractic and say they LOVE the education behind it. Knowing why we get migraines and what's going on in our own bodies is SO powerful and they appreciate the control that gives them over their health care.



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