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Pleasantly Unexpected Improved Quality of Life

Meet Eric & Heidi, husband and wife and both patients of Dr. Marco. Eric originally came into Accordo Chiropractic after prodding from his mother. Having dealt with longer back pain for quite some time after seeing having to give up some of the things he loves to do like go to the beach or do yoga he knew something had to give. What Eric didn’t expect was that along with the improvement of his lower back he also saw his allergies clear up and migraines he had been plagued with for years disappear!

Eric encouraged his wife Heidi to get checked as well and a few months after seeing the amazing results her husband had Heidi gave it a go. She reports that in addition to the muscular relief she has felt in her upper and lower back she had the unexpected improvement of her heart rate and blood pressure improved and reports she’s sleeping SO much better!

Both Eric & Heidi say since becoming Accordo Chiropractic patients their quality of life so much better! It’s easy to get busy with work or school so that we don’t think to take care of what ails us but its SO worth it!



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