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Get Your Spine Checked!

Marion as dealt with back problems for quite a long time but it was something he had come to live with. At the end of June he tells us his back ‘slipped’, pain that usually only lasts a couple of days but this time…that didn’t happen. 

Marion went to his primary care doctor and was prescribed muscles relaxers and sent home. The pain didn’t go away and what began in his back was now hurting his leg, affecting the way he walked. He couldn’t stand more than 5 minutes without needing a break! By mid August and no relief, he knew he needed to try something else.

Marion found Dr. Accordo via website search, set up a consultation and was immediately impressed by the attention and care he received from the team. Would you believe that five days after starting his care with Dr. Marco he was pain free?

Marion is now a continual patient of Accordo Chiropractic and loves how informative his care is not just for his back but his entire body and overall health! He says the X-rays, exams, and detailed assessments and evaluation of his body were more than his primary care physician did!

His advice? Get your spine checked! Marion is a prime example of how a primary care physician cannot examine you in the detailed, specific, and unique way that a chiropractor is equipped to.



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