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Dr. Marco has been a Lifesaver!

Meet Tony. Tony started playing football back in the 1960s and played the game competitively for years. He tells us he -particularly really enjoyed the hitting aspect of the game, ha! One morning, over a year ago he woke up in more pain than he'd ever been in in his life. And this is from someone who has been through seven knee surgeries - all on one knee! He couldn't move his head, couldn't get out of bed.

Tony's brother (also a past football player) had been raving about Dr. Marco and Tony knew it was time to make a change. He says Dr. Marco put him back on the path to health. Tony still has little flare ups here and there but is so thankful for continued care to keep things in the best shape they can be!

"I feel 100% now. Dr. Marco has been a lifesaver for me. If you are hurting anywhere in your body - Dr. Marco is the man to see. I believe that 100%!"



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