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Accordo Chiropractic: Spinal Adjustments & Muscle Work working in together for Total Wellness

Lori says it started small with pain in her neck and then it progressed to pain in her leg and all the aches the just started toppling on top of one another. After a friend from work mentioned he went to the chiropractor encouraged her to find a solution.

Lori loves that Accordo Chiropractic feels like a family. Working with both Vicky - our massage therapist who does muscle work in conjunction with spinal adjustments has brought her total body wellness. Overall it has Improved her range of motion and alleviated much of those aches and pain.

Lori tells us she doesn't want to be a hunchback like her grandmother and sticks with her chiropractic care to change her story for the better!

Are you ready for total body wellness? Send us an email and come in for your first visit!



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