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REAL Client Testimonial: Car Accident Recovery with Chiropractic Care

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Too often we don't know how badly our bodies are wrecked until it all comes crashing down on us in pain. This was the case for Val. Val first came to Accordo Chiropractic because of a car accident. She tells us that in the immediate of the accident occurring her adrenaline was running so high she didn't noticed any pain, but when she woke that she knew there was something very wrong with her back.

The next day when she went into work Val mentioned her accident and pain to a coworker (who is a patient at Accordo Chiropractic) and that coworker couldn't say enough good things about Accordo Chiropractic and the natural healing that could help Val recover from her trauma. Val reached out to the practice immediately.

Starting chiropractic care changed so much for Val! She is so thankful for her continued care that has helped heal her back, lessen the pain she has and loves the at-home exercises the doc has given to further help manage her pain and headaches.

You wouldn't believe it but 6 months later, Val was involved in another auto accident! Thankfully because she was a regular patient with Dr. Marco she was so encouraged to know her recovery was already taken care of. Even though she felt all the tightness come back she saw recovery a lot quicker the second time around because of her continued care with natural healing at Chesapeake & Hampton Roads Accordo Chiropractic.



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