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How to Fight Against Back Pain

How to Fight Back Against Back Pain

With nearly 80 percent of adults experiencing back pain at some point in their lives, this common problem disrupts lives in many ways. Healing takes time, though, and plenty of patience. But one of the top complaints from back pain sufferers is sleeplessness. Here’s why good rest matters, plus how to get more of it so that your back can heal.

Visit a Professional Chiropractor to Start Your Recovery

As the American Chiropractic Association highlights, chiropractic care is an affordable (costing $65 per visit on average), safe, and effective way to find relief from back pain. Research shows that patients who visit a chiropractor have less pain over time. They also spend less on treatment.

Depending on the type of injury or damage you have, you might need additional care for your back problems. But in many cases, patients experience an immediate reduction in their discomfort levels.

Get Some Rest

When you’re in pain, it’s understandable to want immediate relief. Unfortunately, back pain often lingers, so you need to address both short-term and long-term treatment. And as NBC News notes, when you sleep, your body begins to regenerate itself.

While you’re resting, your body repairs your muscles—both deep damage and daily wear and tear. Of course, sleep will not magically cure the pain you’re experiencing. But it can help improve your mood, give you the energy to work through physical struggles, and grant you a temporary reprieve from all-day discomfort.

Incorporate Stretches into Your Routine for Pain Relief

No matter how you spend your days, a good stretch or practicing some light yoga at night can help you find relief so that you can relax and recover. Decompressing through stretches right before bed helps you relax and puts your body in the mood for rest.

Many yoga routines are gentle enough for strained muscles in your back. Researchers in one study discovered that yoga was just as effective as physical therapy for treating back pain. After 40 weeks of treatment, participants in the yoga group were more likely to stop taking painkillers than other groups.

If you find yoga too intimidating, light stretching is the way to go. Harvard Health confirms that stretching is one way to begin healing your back. The more you stretch, the less likely your muscles are to sustain another injury. Plus, stretching as part of your regular exercise routine helps build up your strength, another way to avoid future anguish.

Keep in mind that you cannot just stretch your body. Doing so without guidance from a professional might leave you in more pain than you were in to start with. Talk to your chiropractor or physical therapist about ways you can stretch safely and effectively.

Get Help with Chores So You Have Time to Heal

When you’re dealing with an injury, you must give your body time to heal. Continuing to do chores around the house or working in the yard isn’t a good idea. According to the Mayo Clinic, you can start to feel better with home treatment and proper self-care. But that means resting, not taking on strenuous tasks.

Consider hiring help so that you can concentrate on your recovery. While a maid service in the Chesapeake area will likely cost between $123 and $239, it’s a small price to pay to be able to focus on regaining your strength and getting back to living pain-free. You’ll also sleep better at night knowing your household chores are taken care of.

Fortunately, most lower back pain is not a cause for serious concern. As Healthline confirms, 90 percent of cases improve without the need for surgery or other major interventions. Still, seeing a professional for help with unmanageable back pain is a smart idea. In less severe cases, focusing on good rest and proactive care may be all you need.

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